Seeking the Lord in All Things



"David said to the priest Abiathar son of Ahimelech, 'Bring me the ephod.' So Abiathar brought it to him, and David asked the Lord: 'Should I pursue these raiders? Will I overtake them?'" 1 Samuel 30:7-8


David had found himself in a very difficult position. He and 600 of his men had been hiding from King Saul for 16 months. They traveled to join the Philistine army and ultimately were rejected by them. As they made it back to Zicklag, which was their home away from home, they arrived to find it burned, and their women, including David’s two wives, had been taken captive.

The men who were with David wanted to stone him. Emotions were high, and David was at a point to where he didn’t know what to do. What he did next was an example for all of us when faced with a tough decision, with discouragement, with sadness, and even in better times. David sought the Lord. Ultimately, David recovered their spoils and saved the day, but only after seeking God through His word and listening.

We have a tendency to pick and choose when we seek the Lord when it comes to decision making. If I have a choice, I’m more prone to make it instantaneously instead of seeking God first. When my daughter has trouble with her math, I want to call up all my friends and ask for their advice instead of seeking the Lord for wisdom first. If I am trying to decide on a conference, I look at the location, price, and speakers before seeking the Lord. The list goes on and on.

Reading through the book of 2 Samuel, God brought me a true conviction that I am not seeking Him enough. I want to be a woman who prayerfully seeks Him, who reads the word and listens. In the big things and in the small. In every aspect of my life. What about you? Do you seek the Lord first?


Father, forgive my failure to seek You in every aspect of my life. Your word is full of wisdom, yet, I neglect it way more often than I should. Help me to remember to pursue You in every decision, conflict, and celebration I encounter in this life. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Your Turn

How often do you seek God’s wisdom first? Read Matthew 6:33. What does it promise?


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Chelsi Woods is the coffee-loving Content Manager for Whole Magazine and a writer for the Reformed Outlook. She is a Jesus-loving, tattooed soccer mom to a beautiful, blue-eyed 12-year-old girl and “Choo-Choo” to a 9-year-old nephew and 4-year-old niece. Her hobbies include communicating in gifs, playing guitar, and bad dad jokes. Chelsi’s passionate pursuit is to teach women solid, Biblical truths focused on spiritual growth, loving God with our minds, all while glorifying God and enjoying Him forever.