Silence and Sanctification


“How long,  Lord, must I call for help and you do not listen?”  Habakkuk 1:2 (CSB) 


Are you currently in one of those seasons of life where you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and that God just isn’t listening? There are moments where I feel a great flood of depression washing over me, and my flesh, and my emotions, both liars like to tell me that God doesn’t care, and He isn’t listening.   

Throughout our sanctification process, it can be difficult. Being set apart from what the world deems normal can be frustrating and even lonely sometimes. Obedience can be lonely.  Sometimes we cry out to God, and we feel He isn’t listening. Can you relate? Sanctification can be painful, but the pain doesn’t contrast the goodness of God by any means. God is good, and He will do whatever means necessary in order to move us that much closer to holiness, even if that means taking away our happiness for a season.  

When I go through these seasons there are two things God has taught me. First off, many times when these seasons come, it is because I have shifted focus from God to myself. Life gets difficult and I want to throw a pity party. I become selfish, and even upset at God because life isn’t going the way I want to go. When I do life through an eternal perspective, relying on God, His strength and His purpose, not my own agenda, I find that I die to self, and God is magnified.  

Second, these seasons are temporary, and they are meant to help build endurance.  When things are difficult, I have a choice about how to handle things. I can be proactive, and spend time in the word and prayer regardless of what my feelings tell me. I can be honest with my girlfriends and ask for prayer. Humility is learned in these seasons, and again it all points back to God.  

Sisters, life gets rough, but don’t get discouraged. God is good, and He loves you. There will be many battles, but we know who has won the war.  Seek Him, rely on Him and trust Him.   


God I thank you that you are continually loving and you care no matter how I’m feeling. Though there is pain, there is always purpose. Help me to continually keep my eyes fixed on you, and to run to you when things are difficult.  I love you Father.  Amen.  

Your Turn 

How do you handle life when you feel God is not listening? 

When you are depressed or feel like God isn’t listening, remember that you are not alone.  Spend time in the Psalms and prayer.