Sing Along


I am always singing about the wonderful things You do. — Psalm 71:8 ERV


I have never been musically inclined. In fact, growing up in a tiny Texas town my school’s marching band did not have enough people to participate in marching competitions. So for those who couldn’t play, we held instruments and marched. I held a flute and carefully marked my steps with everyone else. One would think that experience would have encouraged me to learn the language of music. Nope, to this day the only thing I can play is the radio. 
But I sing. Not well mind you, but I sing. He is worthy of our praise and at times the only way I can express what is in my heart is to lift my voice. The Psalmist pens similar longings here, recognizing that welling up within us to respond to our incredible God. Our hearts align to His when we adore Him. It matters little whether we sing like angels or know the latest worship songs. What matters is Him. His holiness, His goodness, His righteousness, He is absolutely stunning. How could anything but honor be our reply? Let everything within us praise!  “My mouth is filled with Your praise, and with Your glory all the day.” (Psalm 71:8 ESV)  


Father, You are worthy. May my life echo the praise of my heart to You. Amen.

Your turn:

How do you respond when you recognize Him?

What can you tell others regarding His worth?  

Alli Miller

Alli is a native Texan but calls Louisiana home. During the week she teaches English and video chats with her nephew. On the weekends you'll find her lacing up her tennis shoes for a run, her nose in a book learning more about her Redeemer and Friend, and writing Sunday lessons for the younger hearts at Living Hope Fellowship. Her heart is for encouraging others to taste and see that God is breathtakingly good to and through them.