Spiritually Surefooted


“Great peace have those who love your law, and nothing causes them to stumble.” (Psalm 119:165)


I once spent four months in the mountains of New Mexico, working as a wrangler in Santa Fe. Early in the morning I would saddle Lunatic – my mustang – and lead trail rides through the narrow paths of the southern Rocky Mountains. As the trail lead, I was responsible for the safety of our visitors. If my horse spooked the entire group could be endangered. But mustangs are known for their surefooted reputation, and I could always trust Luna to navigate the trail without stumbling. When we love God’s law (His Word) – studying it, reading it, praying it, meditating on it – we become spiritually surefooted.

We learn how to walk in the Spirit without fear or trepidation. We step forward with confidence in God’s grace and love. And even when we do stumble, we get right back up and continue on the path Christ blazed for us. The assurance of God’s Word and guidance brings us peace. This peace is unique: it passes understanding and equips us for a road that winds from the deepest valleys to the highest heights. Only by knowing God through His Word can we be surefooted in all our decisions.


Lord, may your Word fill my heart and guide my steps today.

Your Turn

How can God’s Word become an integral part of your decision making?