Strength in Surrender


My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. — Psalm 73:26


Laboring for breath, you question your quality. You reexamine your worth. You fail to take hold of an explanation that would tell you why it was your turn to feel this pain. Heartache, loss, and grief are not limited by the confines of reason or rationalization. They take hold of you from crown to toe, and they shake you. They grasp the faith that is nestled around your heart, and they fight to wrench it free.  

When someone close to you leaves a void, your heart will fail you. When something dear is taken away, your flesh will crumple to the floor. It is in the humility and surrender of heartbreak that you drag yourself to the Savior’s feet. It is in these moments of weakness that you fully realize you can’t do it alone.  

As pain tests your faith, it also creates spaces for God to fill. The walls that were built to keep God at a distance and the pride that keeps you from surrender are forgotten. In trials, your belief in your own strength is replaced with a desire to run into the arms of a compassionate and restorative Father. When all feels lost, you find yourself drawing closer to God. When your heart and your body have failed, you find you are resilient in the warmth of His arms and the shadow of His wings.  


Lord, there are times when our hearts ache for those that are no longer in our lives. We cling to the past, and, sometimes, we aren’t strong enough to break through the pain. In these moments, guide us to you. Lead us to lay down our suffering and loss at Your feet. In times of grief, help us to rejoice and find comfort in Your love that never fails. Amen. 

Your Turn: 

Can you remember a time when God brought you through an experience where your flesh and heart were failing? 

How can we support others that are going through times of loss? 

photo credit: @actually_co #wholemagazine