The Builder of Greatness

Your gentleness has made me great. — Psalm 18:28-29

God uses each challenge you experience to mold you into a person of significance and excellence. This does not imply he is making you wealthy or famous by the world's standards; rather it means He is preparing you to reveal His glory.

Perhaps this seems unlikely to you. Maybe you once thought yourself special, but the years have destroyed the dreams that once thrilled your heart. Yet just as God took the shepherd David and made him a king, he can lift you out of your ordinary situation and reveal your wonderful potential, if you will let Him.

Will you accept the trials that come as his training and allow Him to build greatness in you? It is your choice. So embrace the future that is better than you can imagine.

Let's pray:

God, thank You for seeing more in me than I see myself. I trust you to use every situation to develop your godly excellence in me. To You be all the glory. Amen.