No one has greater love than this: to lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13 CSB


Memorial Day is a beloved American holiday. For many, this holiday is a kick start to the Summer season, full of barbecues and fun; for others, however, this is a solemn holiday, a reminder of the very reason we celebrate and what they have lost or sacrificed. It is no secret that our country is in a state of division.  The phrase “United We Stand, divided we fall” has been embedded in our cultural background since 1768, yet that all of that seems to be forgotten, in the name of pettiness and political correctness, even amongst Christians.  What can we as followers of Christto honor our Country and those who have served and given their lives in the very names of freedoms that we enjoy today?  

First off, we pray for our service members and their families. Our military men and women sacrifice so much when they enter into the military way of life.  They sacrifice stability, risk their lives, and work tirelessly day by day.  Families are split by deployments, sometimes permanently. Prayer is effective, prayer strengthens. Our soldiers covet our prayers. It is no small thing to pray for those serving our country. 

Second, if you live in a military community, take a soldier under your wing.  Many service members are young and far away from home. Invite them to church, have them over for lunch, build relationships.   

Finally, during this day, take a moment to remember. Step back from political views, from the hurt and the hate and remember that today a family is remembering that their soldier is never coming home. Take some time to reflect on Christ’s words in John 15:13. Praise God for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, who have given up everything for their friends, their enemies, and their country. 


Father, I thank you for this day and for those who have sacrificed their lives so that I can enjoy the freedoms that I covet today. I pray for the families of the loved ones who have given so much to this country, as well as those living and serving today. Thank you Jesus that you gave your life so that I may have eternal life. Help us never to forget the gift of sacrifice. 

Your Turn 

How are you serving the military community around you? 

Take some time to pray for our military and their families today.