The God Who Sees


She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: "You are the God who sees me," for she said, "I have now seen the One who sees me." - Genesis 16:13


Pregnant with Abram’s child, on the outs with Sarai, and feeling like she didn’t belong Hagar ran away. Her life had become a jumble of unexpected and difficult circumstances, and she fled. But God found her.

As Hagar said, our God is the God who sees. He sees everything. Our hearts and our actions are on full display. We cannot hide behind misconceptions and prideful reactions. We cannot spin our lives in a way that God will somehow come to agree with a skewed perception. He also sees us everywhere. Hagar was expecting God in the home of Abram and Sarai, but she wasn’t expecting to find him on the run. She wasn’t expecting God to seek her out in the midst of her sin.

When the unexpected and unpleasant disrupt our lives, we can run or act in fear and frustration, but nothing is unexpected to our omniscient God. Every plan He has formed was made with complete knowledge of the trials and setbacks we would face. This is why He is present as we seek and as we turn away. If God left us in our moments of doubt, in the moments where we bow to fear and anger, He would step further from our side each day. But our all-knowing God sees our need and hears the cries of our hearts even as we run away. He beckons us home because He never loses sight of us.


Lord, I am so very grateful that you see every part of me. No one knows the workings of my mind and the yearnings of my heart as You do. Help create in me a spirit and a daily life that is pleasing to Your sight. When the unexpected moments come, remind me that you have a plan for me in every circumstance. Amen.

Your Turn:

Are there any areas of your life you’ve been attempting to shield from God? 

How are you working to become spiritually and mentally transparent with God?