The Gospel Has Everything to Do with Our Pain



"but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8 ESV


What does the Gospel have to do with my pain? Have you ever wondered that? When we experience grief or heartbreak, we feel many things: confusion, anger, emptiness, and deep sadness among others. Many times we feel abandoned by God. We may find ourselves questioning His love for us.

We need the Gospel to renew our minds. It is there where we see just how much God truly loves us. It's at the cross where the Father crushed His Son, for rebels...for us. The Gospel has everything to do with our pain. It reminds us that doubting God's love is illogical.

The most horrific thing to ever happen was when the spotless Lamb was crushed under the weight of our iniquity. And yet, it was the best thing. Without the cross, we would stand condemned. God is working in our waiting, our suffering, and our heartbreak. He is creating beauty and giving hope. Our grief blinds us to this truth. We have to fight the lies and rehearse it over and over until it sinks into our hearts. When the dark clouds of pain and panic come, look to the cross. When we doubt the Father's love for us, fix our eyes on the cross. His ways are higher and better. The Gospel has everything to do with our pain.


Father, our circumstances often act as a veil to Your love for us. Give us grace and eyes to see past the here and now, and rest in You, trusting that Your way is always best. You are good. You are wise. You are sovereign. We praise You for Your love displayed on Cavalry's tree. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Your Turn

If you're struggling to see God's goodness today, I encourage you to write out five things you can thank Him for. Meditate on the Gospel and how Jesus saved you from your sin. Read Romans 5:6-11.