The Longing Soul


“For He satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul He fills with good things.” (Psalm 107:9)


I grew up in a small town surrounded by friends and family. Every time we return for holidays – like the Fourth of July – I am overwhelmed by the love of our community. Since leaving home, in every state in which I’ve lived, I’ve sought to replicate the community in which I grew up. I long to belong.

My longing for community is just one of the soul-deep needs that God created in the hearts of mankind. Our desires for companionship, fellowship, and intimacy were created by God Himself. The beauty of this creation is that God promises to satisfy the longing soul; to fill our empty places with all that is good and beautiful.

When we refuse to trust this promise, we try to fill that void with the immediate and the material. We wonder why we never feel satisfied, why we continue to hunger for those missing things – but we never go to the One who designed our desires. The hunger of our hearts will abate only when we find fulfillment in the Bread of Life: Jesus Christ.


Lord, teach me to satisfy my heart in you, trusting your promise to fill my hungry soul. 

Your turn:

Are you filling your life with immediate gratification, or trusting God to fulfill your desires? 

Photo credit: @sheinthemaking