The Lord is Our Shepherd, We Are His Sheep


John 10: 1-30 | Key Verse: John 10:14 “I am the good shepherd, and I know My own and My own know Me.”


The word “sheep” is noted many times throughout the Bible and is mentioned at least fifteen times in this 10th chapter of John. In the Word, sheep refer to God’s people, believers in Jesus Christ. The traits of sheep are that they follow a leader - a shepherd, they have a strong flocking instinct and move together as one, they don’t have great hearing, but they recognize their shepherd’s voice and they have a tendency to stray. Sheep were an important part of a family’s life, and Jesus was trying to describe the importance of the relationship between the shepherd {Himself} and the sheep {believers} to the Jewish leaders. At the same time he was speaking of Jewish leaders misleading the people into entering a false religious door of tradition and works, and therefore wounding the flock.

Sisters, we must have a shepherd, and Jesus says that He is that Shepherd {vs. 11}. Only His sheep hear His voice {vs.16}. He, alone, is the door. Jesus was sacrificed so that whosoever will call on Him will be saved. Romans 10:13. He is the Lamb in the center of the throne [that] will be our Shepherd, and guide us to the springs of the water of life. Rev. 7:17. We are His people and the sheep of His pasture and will enter His gates with thanksgiving. Psalm 100:3.

A person can have common knowledge of who Jesus is, but not believe in Him or the works He did in the Father’s name. Only His sheep hear His voice and follow Him, and will have eternal life {vs. 25-28}. Jesus knows those who are truly born-again, those who are His sheep, who hear His voice and follow. Jesus is also saying here that we have eternal security. We, His sheep, were given to Jesus by the Father, who is greater than all and no one is able to snatch us out of the Father’s hand {vs.29}. Now this is not saying that born-again believers do not sin and suffer the consequences of our sin, because we do. But His true sheep are continually going through sanctification to become more like Him. We are persevering saints and sanctification is a life-long process on this earth.

Jesus is our Shepherd. We are to follow Him. We hear His voice. We flock and gather with other believers, and are one with each other. We are not misled into following someone else for we know the voice of the One True Shepherd. We are secure in our eternal destination, and though we may stray or fall off the path every once in a while, the Shepherd comes looking for us and allows no one to snatch us out of His hands. The Lord is our Shepherd. We are His, and we belong to Him.

Pray: Lord, you are my Shepherd, I will follow you.

Your Turn: Look through and study the Word, see how many times the Lord refers to us as his sheep.