The Most Beautiful


...This is what I want most: Let me live in the Lord’s house all my life, enjoying the Lord’s beauty. — Psalm 27:4a ERV


It’s going to be one of those days. The mirror’s reflection seems to be a remarkably accurate self-portrait of the weariness in your heart. You have options. You can just call it and get your day started. Or you throw on a pair of earrings or do a quick make-up application. Maybe the extra blush will hide the exhaustion? I hope He only looks at my heart and not the crow’s feet around my eyes.  
Making wise food decisions, exercise and getting a decent amount of sleep are choices that reflect physically. There are also spiritually wise choices. Prayer, worship, fasting, Bible study, encouragement, the list goes on. And every day we make decisions to walk with Him in fullness, or just dab a little concealer under our eyes, so to speak. Daily abiding isn’t a cosmetic suggestion to make us beautiful; it’s a life-giving invitation to walk closely with our God. We need those interactions with Him a lot more than we need eyeshadow. I’m not saying we all should never brush our teeth or hair, but let’s make sure at some point in our day, we are looking to Him. He is the most beautiful of us all!


LORD, You are worthy of all my praise and so very beautiful! Amen.

Your Turn:

What would you add to that list above about how you abide with Him?

What could you say of His beauty to others?

Alli Miller

Alli is a native Texan but calls Louisiana home. During the week she teaches English and video chats with her nephew. On the weekends you'll find her lacing up her tennis shoes for a run, her nose in a book learning more about her Redeemer and Friend, and writing Sunday lessons for the younger hearts at Living Hope Fellowship. Her heart is for encouraging others to taste and see that God is breathtakingly good to and through them.