The Story Doesn't End with Christ's Resurrection



“You did not choose me, but I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce fruit and that your fruit should remain, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he will give you.” John 15:16


Today is the day after Easter. For the past week, we have been reflecting and meditating on the events that led up to the betrayal, death, and resurrection from our Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus defeated death on the cross and took the punishment we deserved so that we may live. For some of us, this is the one time a year we get dressed up in our best clothes, fulfill our obligations as good Christians, and cook a fancy lunch, hut eggs, and take a nice nap. We wake up on Monday, resuming life as normal, until next week, or sometimes next year, when we repeat the cycle. The question remains, what do we do with Monday?

The story doesn’t end with Christ’s resurrection. Monday was just the beginning. Before His ascension to Heaven, Christ gave us all a very clear command. Jesus states in Matthew 28:19 that we aren’t to stand idle, but we are to go and make disciples of all nations. This raises two questions. Firstly, are you growing spiritually? Where are you on your spiritual walk? Do you have an actual relationship with God? Are you allowing Him to challenge you and grow you? Are you becoming more like Christ daily through prayer and reading of God’s word? Secondly, are you helping other people grow? We aren’t called to just grow but to help others in the process. Are we walking alongside our sisters? Our growth should never be stagnant, and neither should the overflow of our growth. Jesus’ command is simple, and the question is, will we be obedient?


Father, I thank you so much for sending your son to die on the cross for me, a wretched sinner. Because of my sin, I deserve eternal punishment, yet because of your mercy and grace, and what you did on the cross, I am made righteous in your eyes. Help me, Father, to never be complacent. Help me to never be satisfied in my growth, and help me to help others know you and grow also. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Your Turn

Are you producing fruit? Are you growing spiritually through prayer and bible reading? Are you helping others grow?

About the Author


Chelsi Woods is the coffee-loving Content Manager for Whole Magazine and a writer for the Reformed Outlook. She is a Jesus-loving, tattooed soccer mom to a beautiful, blue-eyed 12-year-old girl and “Choo-Choo” to a 9-year-old nephew and 4-year-old niece. Her hobbies include communicating in gifs, playing guitar, and bad dad jokes. Chelsi’s passionate pursuit is to teach women solid, Biblical truths focused on spiritual growth, loving God with our minds, all while glorifying God and enjoying Him forever.