The Waiting Game

Lord, I wait for you; you will answer, Lord my God. —Psalm 38:15

Some researchers have estimated that Americans spend as much as two to three years of their lives waiting in line. we wait at the bank, the supermarket, the theater, and the airport. We wait for our paychecks, for Friday, and for vacation. It seems we are always waiting for something.

Waiting on God is just as hard. What are waiting for today? Perhaps it's for financial deliverance, for a spouse, to finish school, or for your next big break. Perhaps you're waiting for the results of a medical test or news from your loved on in the military. Waiting can be downright agonizing. But God's Word tells us to wait patiently—with peace. Easier said than done, right? Rather than sighing with impatience, try praying, reading scripture, and making your waiting time productive and meaningful. 

God's timing is certainly not ours. But as we wait on Him, we can be confident that He is never too early and never too late. Wait patiently and with confidence. God will come through.

Let's pray:

Heavenly Father, when the waiting seems unbearable, remind me that Your timing is always perfect. Amen.