Then God Spoke


And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. — Genesis 1:3 ESV


There are so many examples in the Bible where God literally speaks. In fact, the Bible begins and ends with Him speaking aloud. In Genesis 1 He speaks life into being; in Revelation 22 He reminds us He is coming soon. In between we witness His words reflecting His might and authority. His voice is a whisper after a fire and an earthquake, a command bringing Lazarus out of his grave, an affirmation over His Son at His baptism, a reproach to let the children come, a confident reply to desert temptation, a kind word to a tax collector who climbed a tree to see Him.

Proverbs 18:21 says that life and death is in the power of the tongue. When we speak the words of Christ, and we remind others of words in scripture, it allows the Holy Spirit to do a work in someone. We can be a vessel that reminds people of the hope, life and love found in Christ, encouraging them and reminding them of things they may not know or have forgotten.

We see a prime example of encouragement and pointing people to Jesus in Paul as he continues to encourage his brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless of his own personal circumstances. James 3:5 even refers to the tongue as a spark that can set a forest ablaze. As children of God we have a responsibility with the words that we speak, always encouraging, and more importantly, pointing people to the hope and truth in Jesus Christ.


Father, Thank You for Your invitation to speak Your life and power into the hearts around me. Use me and my words for the good of encouraging others. I love You so much. Amen.

Your turn:

What passages of Scripture do you know that could encourage someone?

How can you speak His words to someone today?

Alli Miller

Alli is a native Texan but calls Louisiana home. During the week she teaches English and video chats with her nephew. On the weekends you'll find her lacing up her tennis shoes for a run, her nose in a book learning more about her Redeemer and Friend, and writing Sunday lessons for the younger hearts at Living Hope Fellowship. Her heart is for encouraging others to taste and see that God is breathtakingly good to and through them.