This Season of Advent


“Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.” Isaiah 7:14


Growing up I never understood what Advent really meant. In church we would light candles and read Scripture, but the importance of Advent and the coming of Christ didn’t register in my mind. Today, society has a way of throwing the meaning of Christmas out the window, and instead, they focus on Santa and how many presents they get underneath the tree. How do we turn our eyes from worshiping ungodly traditions to praising the One who came to save sinners?

Christians throughout the world have their different ways of celebrating Advent. Some light candles. Some read Scripture and hang wreaths to display the eternal life that Jesus brings. We have developed many great ways of celebrating this season beyond a mere 24 hours on December 25. During this season of Advent, I want to change my focus leading up to Christmas, knowing this is too important a thing to appreciate in just one day.

Advent is for hopeful expectation of Christ’s coming. It’s for soul-searching and those who long to know Him more. During this season of Advent, we can turn our focus on the true meaning of Christ’s birth…the birth that led up to the moment we all should be thankful for: Christ dying once and for all with the sins of the world on His shoulders. This is something Christians will be celebrating for all eternity.


Heavenly Father, thank You for sending Your son into this world so we may have new life. I pray my focus is on Jesus this Advent season and the new year to come. Amen.

Your Turn

How will you celebrate this Advent season?  

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Raegan Thornhill is wife to an amazing man of God and mom to her baby boy, Weston. She is the Co-Founder, content manager, and writer at Whole Magazine. She believes cheesecake, snow, a cup of hot coffee, and an episode of Breaking Bad can fix any dreadful day. Her mission in life is to show women of all ages how they can be whole again through the Gospel of Christ. She longs for her writings to be a testament of the mercy and grace God has shown her. You can follow more of Raegan on her blog, Delighted In Him.