Treasured Brokenness


The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, You will not despise. Psalm 51:17 ESV


Japan practices the art of “Kintsugi.” When pottery breaks, they don’t trash it. They gather the shards, gluing them back together, but not with an average, everyday glue. The binding agent is mixed with precious metals, platinum, gold, or silver. A piece’s cracks are seen as an integral part of its history. The repaired pottery is now more treasure than trash because of its brokenness.  
Job had everything taken from him. Adam and Eve learned one son killed the other. Lazarus died. Peter’s walk on the water lasted mere steps before the waves crashed in. Jesus was crucified. The Bible teems with examples of brokenness seemingly beyond repair. If we stick with their stories, see past their troubles, we realize at no point did He leave them alone, aloof to their heartache. The cracks became parts of their history, only reflecting His beauty all the more. Their stories didn’t end with brokenness, and by His mercy and love, neither do ours. We all have situations where “broken” would apply. How do we respond to that brokenness? We acknowledge the pain. We thank Him for His presence. We drop trembling hands trying to cover our wounds; we choose vulnerability before Him. We humbly bring the broken things before Him. We listen to His words. We worship. We ask His will be done. We offer ourselves as a living sacrifice. And then we let Him tend to us. We trust this momentary affliction is nothing in light of our shared eternity. The broken pieces in our lives may seem irreparable, but we belong to a God who takes shattered pieces and recreates them into unforeseen beauty. In Him, our brokenness can be treasured. May the cracks of our lives be seen for what they truly are, highlights of His hands on us.


Father, You are the Potter and I’m the pottery. Thank You for shaping me into a beauty only You can reveal when I’m broken. I love You so much! Amen.

Your turn:

What brokenness are you clutching to that you can offer up to Him?

Who can you encourage by telling them of the beauty you see He’s made of their lives?