Treasuring the Incarnation


After they had seen the Child, they (the shepherds) spread the message they had received about Him. And all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them. But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart. – Luke 2:17-19


The shepherds left, the quietness of the moment ensued, and Mary pondered the news she’d just received. She chose to treasure it and not to fear it. The Word doesn’t say that Mary analyzed the things told to her, it says she treasured it in her heart. She hoped instead of being afraid; she trusted instead of overthinking.

When receiving news that is either too lofty for us to attain or too devastating for us to grasp, we too can treasure. The incidence of the incarnation changes everything. During mountain peak experiences and in deep valley lows, we can choose to treasure. The incarnation gives a hope that surpasses all understanding and conventional wisdom. Jesus’ earthly visitation breaks the bonds and the chains of fear, depression and hopelessness. His life proclaims that whatever sorrow we may face, its days are numbered! Because He came, hope awaits. Because He came, we can sing in the midst of sorrow. Because He came, things won’t always be this way. Hallelujah! 
Whatever news is concerning you today, treasure the incarnation. Treasure what it means and how it changes our earthly pilgrimage. Hope does not disappoint.


Lord Jesus, thank You for the hope You give me and for the glorious richness Your life allows me! Amen.

Your Turn:

How does treasuring the incarnation change your perspective?

How does the fact that the tyranny of this world has been overcome dampen your fears/anxieties/sorrows?