Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me. — Psalm 119:133


One of the hardest things to settle in our minds is that we will never understand sin as we reel from its affects. It is illogical and pulls deeper and darker until it annihilates it’s victims. The fact that believers still find themselves entrenched in the web of bad decision is evidence of how heavily deception reigns.
Part of the lie is that sin can be controlled and compartmentalized. The enemy would love for us to believe that we can “handle” the coals that are burning us to death. He promises life and gratification yet he delivers slavery and despair.  
On our own, we are hopelessly inadequate to recognize and battle against sin. God living in us is our only source of power. As we tune more and more into the Holy Spirit by feeding on the Word, prayer and fellowship, we will more easily recognize Satan’s tactics and crave his devices less and less.  
May we seek truth where it is found and clearly see the enticements of the enemy for the counterfeits that they are.


Sweet Jesus, thank you for setting me free from the tyranny of the devil. Help me to walk in the light as You are in the light and experience the freedom that is found only in You. Amen. 

Your Turn:

What has being enticed by sin taught you about your own ability to fight sin? 
What has it taught you about Satan’s tactics?

Do you notice that as you are filled with the things of God, sin is naturally less appealing

Tiffany Gaines

Tiffany is a child of God, saved by mercy and grace. She is married to a military man and they will soon be transitioning from the military. They have and home-school three amazing kids, two boys and one girl, who are 12, 9 and 6 years old. She is blessed with the privilege of being a stay-at-home-mama who has learned how important it is to laugh and that joy is a choice. Life has had no shortage of highs and lows but through it all, God has been faithful! The continual cry of her heart is to have less of herself and more of her Savior.