Walk by the Spirit



"I say then, walk by the Spirit and you will certainly not carry out the desire of the flesh." Galatians 5:16 CSB


It is funny how in our Christian walks we seem to know so little about what walking in the Spirit means. As I was worshiping this morning, a song I was listening to rang out the words, “When You speak, when You move, when you do what only You can do, it changes us.” The song continued by saying, “It changes what we see and what we seek.”

Great truths are spoken in these words as we think about the process of sanctification and how the Lord changes us as we continue to grow close to Him. The more time we spend time with God and let the Spirit work in us, we see that healthy fruits are produced, such as those mentioned later in Galatians 5:22. The more time we spend time with God, the less we begin to focus on ourselves, and we begin to see others through a different kind of lens. We learn to trust the sovereignty of God, which in turn produces a peace that passes all understanding.

The kicker here is to cultivate fruit; you must do the work to cultivate these fruits. We rely daily on the Spirit to help us in our walk. We filter what we allow into our hearts by not grieving the spirit and callusing our consciences. It can be difficult at times because the flesh is opposed to this way of thinking and living. It isn’t natural. Be encouraged sisters, and keep pressing on...you will be amazed each day at the faithfulness of God.


Father I thank You that because of what Your Son did on the Cross, I can live. I thank You for the Holy Spirit and that He dwells within me. Help me each day to walk by the Spirit and to grow closer to You daily.   

Your Turn

What does walking by the Spirit mean to you? How can we act daily to ensure we don’t carry out the desire of the flesh?