We Crave to be Known


“He knows those who trust in Him.” (Nahum 1:7) 


We crave to be known. There is a magnetic desire within our hearts drawing us toward relationship, longing to find connection. We want to understand; we want to be understood. 

This desire is more than a longing for a physical embrace. The physical can satisfy only temporarily. There is something intrinsically beautiful in the embrace of two souls, each willing to know the other intimately and honestly, unafraid of what might be found. 

Not all of us have a human relationship that fits this description, but we are offered a Divine relationship that does. We were created with a void for relationship not so humanity could step in the gap, but so God Himself could fill that hole in our hearts. We crave to be known; He knows us completely. We long to connect; He has bridged the gap. We want to be understood; He understands the human predicament, and made a way for us to overcome. 

God can satisfy us on this earth if we recognize our every emotional need is met in His loving embrace. As we place faith in His love, we are not just fully loved – but fully known. 


Lord, I am so grateful that You long to know and love me. 

Your turn:

Do you trust God for your emotional needs?