Wrong Messages

"They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world." — John 17:16

The world sends women messages every day. You should be thin with long, flowing, gorgeous hair. You should be married to a man—tall, dark, and handsome, of course—and on your ring finger there should be a sparkling diamond. You should smell of the finest, most expensive perfume. And if you are to be loved, you should dress a certain way, talk a certain way, and live in a certain neighborhood. 

But believers in Christ are not of this world. We are in it, but not of it. We are visitors here, and heaven will be our eternal home. While we are here on earth, we must avoid believing the things the world whispers to us. It is okay if you are not beautiful in the world's eyes. God sees you as a beautiful daughter, important enough to give His Son's life for! Diamonds and perfume are not the definition of a woman. It is the heart that defines her, and if her heart is turned toward Jesus, it will shine brighter than any diamond ever could.

Let's pray:

Father, remind me today to tune out the world as I tune into what You have to say about me. Amen.