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Write For Whole Magazine

We encourage you to submit articles dealing with the following content, properly formatted, and grammatically correct.

Whole Magazine consists of seven sections: Faith, Family, Relationships, Health & Beauty, Spotlight, Identity, and His Perspective. Our target audience is women and men in their 20’s and 30’s.  However, there are not any age limitations.

Articles should easily find a home in at least one of these seven sections and should be relevant to our readers.

Submitted articles should focus on personal experiences (i.e., you are revealing something about yourself based on YOUR life experiences.)  The more personal and real you are, the better.  Every article should contain an emphasis on faith. 

Our mission is to help lead women and men into transformational wholeness by the sharing of personal experiences, often accompanied by brokenness. Equipping others to confront deeper issues through seeking Christ and learning to fully surrender our individual lives to His Will are constant themes. 

We do have a minimum word count of 800 words. Most of our articles are around 900-1200 words.

How to Pitch an Article

If you are interested in writing for Whole Magazine, please send us a writing sample that reflects a similar style and tone to the articles you see on Whole Magazine (note: if you have sent us a link to your blog and/or we have expressed an interest in your writing, you do not need to do submit a sample). We welcome inexperienced writers but prefer prior journalism/writing experience. We suggest you check out several articles on Whole Magazine before submitting an idea for an article. 

Writers have the responsibility of pitching their articles.

 A “pitch” consists of a 2-3 sentence summary of your idea, plus a working title. If you want to be a regular contributor, you should pitch ideas to us regularly. As a general rule of thumb, we schedule a due date of one to two months out from assignment, unless we require something sooner. As we acquire more writers, due dates may be pushed back somewhat.

You should expect an interval of time between your article submission, acceptance, and publication.  
Once your piece has been approved, we will send you an email with a tentative publishing date.

Author Agreements
We only accept original articles. 

Original means that you have not published this piece anywhere online OR in print, and Whole Magazine owns the rights to your piece three months from publication on our site (not three months from when you send it in). You cannot publish your piece in full in any other space (including a personal blog) until after the three months are up. After that time period, you may publish your article in its entirety as long as you include a permissions line, "This article first appeared on wholemagazine.org" with a link back to the site.

During the three months in which we own full rights, you are welcome to publish a portion of the article (1-2 paragraphs) with a link back to WholeMagazine.org to allow others to read the rest of the article. For example; "Read the rest of this article at wholemagazine.org" (and link it to original article on our site).

Whole Magazine will only accept previously published articles from writers that have maintained a consistent writing history with us for at least six months. 

We welcome reprints of popular posts from your blog or from another site in accordance with the above requirements.


We prefer submissions as Word attachments. Please convert any .Pages or other Apple formatted documents into Word or some other word processing document. No PDF’s. 

When you submit an article, please include your first and last name, title of the article, and guest writer submission, and the date at the top of the first page.  An example follows:

Sally Jones
Worship in the Kitchen
Guest Writer Submission
January 14, 2015

Editing process

All articles are edited for length, grammar, content, style and tone. If there are other larger edits that are required, your article could be rejected, and we may contact you to have it re-written. You are responsible for editing and reviewing your article BEFORE submitting it. Please double check spelling and grammar. 

If you have questions or you desire feedback as you write, please feel free to ask.

Scripture Quotes

There are many different ways to quote scripture, but please adhere to the following example when submitting to Whole Magazine. 

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with you all. (2 Thessalonians 3:16 ESV) 

Make note that EVERYTHING is italicized without quotation marks. It is permissible to use any translation with the proper abbreviation. 

A few things to keep in mind that can get your post rejected:
Do not overuse italics, bolding, and exclamation marks!!! <-- adding="" especially="" font="" more="" one.="" than="">
Do not indent your new paragraphs. 
Do not use contractions unless you are quoting a conversation. 
Type alignment must be “left-justified.”  We NEVER center posts.
Your title should be catchy and grasp the audience’s attention. 
Your title, heading, and content should flow smoothly.  Pay particular attention to transitions between paragraphs. 

*** We reserve the right to make necessary changes (without taking away from the author's story) to enhance any posts to better fit with our mission and vision. ***