10 Memorable Quotes by Susannah Spurgeon

Many Christians, myself included, have been shaped, encouraged, challenged, and molded by the teachings and sermons of Charles Spurgeon. But many do not know of the great wisdom that came from his wife, Susannah Spurgeon. Though her writings aren’t as easy to find as her husband’s, there are some gems she left behind for us to glean from.

We’d like to share a few of those with you today. Many of these comes from a collection of writings named “A Summer Basket of Fruits”, which Susannah wrote after her husband passed away. We hope you are blessed and encouraged, your gaze is set back on Christ, and your heart is filled with reminders of Him.

Here are 10 memorable quotes by Susannah Spurgeon:

1. “We are too prone to take our daily blessings and mercies as rights, instead of receiving them as undeserved gifts of "free grace and dying love," and then returning to our gracious God the full measure of loving gratitude of which our poor hearts are capable.” - Thanksgiving Street

2. “There are many instances in which God's Word recognizes the power and malignity of the devil; but they are sufficient to prove the necessity of stern watchfulness against so powerful and insidious a foe. If we are not ignorant of his devices, it behooves us to be prepared against his attacks.” - Our Great Adversary

3. “There are no clouds so thick, that they can obscure His glorious light if He bids it shine; there are no troubles so black and appalling, that they can fright the soul from beholding the brightness of His grace and truth when He reveals them; and the feeblest of His children may always trust Him to fulfill that blessed promise in His Word, "I will make darkness light before them." - The Night Watcher

4. “It is marvelous how full God's Words are, of blessed possibilities of unfolding and disclosure. However dark and indistinct a passage may at first sight appear to be, it will glow as with hidden fire when the Spirit of the Lord breathes upon it, and the eyes of faith and desire look closely into its depths. You have, doubtless, known the joy of this insight, dear reader. A text you may have read hundreds of times without noticing anything special about it, suddenly becomes alive, as it were, for you, and speaks to your heart, as the very voice of God Himself!” - God's Glory in the Wilderness

5. “He must "bring us out" of self, and sin, and Satan's slavery, before He can "bring us in" to holiness, pardon, and the liberty with which Christ makes us free. Many a time has the Lord had to disturb our nest, and "bring us out" of some earthly refuge which was becoming too easy and too dear to our soul.” - A Paradox of Providence

6. “To know, of a surety, that all God's dealings with me are those of a loving Father towards a dear and well-beloved child; to be absolutely certain that every sorrow conceals a blessing, because He has appointed it; to look upon pain, and trial, and bitter experiences as the outcome of a love which is so infinite that I cannot fathom it—this is to live in "the secret place of the Most High," this is to "abide under the shadow of the Almighty!" - Faith's Sufficiency

7. “There are Christians who think they have liberty to do their own will in a thousand things. They speak very much as they like; they do very much as they like; they use their property and possessions as they like; they are their own masters, and they have never dreamed of saying—Jesus, we forsake all to follow You." May God keep us from the sin and error of thinking that we can accept Christ as our Savior, and yet practically deny Him as our Master!” - Grievous Inconsistency

8. “Do not let us dread any sorrow which the Lord may bring upon us; it is only when, by our own sin or willfulness, we fall into grief, that we need fear the consequences; for when our Lord casts us down, or lifts us up, both experiences are blessings—the one in grim disguise, the other in all the brightness of revealed love and pity.” - Divine Uplifting

9. “I wonder why it is, that we learn so slowly this sweet lesson of confidence in God, and are sometimes so backward in trusting Him with the safe management and supply of our temporal necessities. We would always be as carefree as the birds of the air, and as beautiful as the lilies of the field—if we depended on Him as absolutely as they do.” - A Feast for the Fainting

10. “All the uncleanness—past, present, and future—all the deformity and blackness is put aside by love, cleansed away by blood, covered by Christ's righteousness; and so completely is this done, that God Himself can find no remnant or stain of that which would have meant eternal death to an unwashed soul. Oh, the "riches of the glory of this mystery," this mighty power which lifts a poor sinner from the depths of sin—to the heights of heavenly bliss! "What kind of love is this?" It is so Divine and incomprehensible that, in the contemplation of it, we are lost in wonder and amazement, and have to cry out, with the disciples of old, "Lord, increase our faith!” - The Spotless Spouse

Are there any quotes or writings Susannah or Charles Spurgeon wrote that have helped you in your walk with Christ? Share those with us!


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