Our $25 Pledge Drive

This will go down as one of the hardest posts I have ever written. I have started this post a few times and then deleted and then started over again, and then deleted. Let's be honest. It is never easy to ask for money. 

But, we are asking for your financial support today.

Presently, everything comes out of pocket for Whole Magazine. I designed the website, which has switched from 3 different platforms since launching 2012 depending on finances and other things. Simply put, this means that the support needed to pay web hosting, and email campaigns, etc. comes from my husband and myself.

Our current website stats show that 77% of our readers (YOU) access Whole Magazine via a smartphone, tablet, iPad, etc. Thank God for technology!

After much prayer and speaking with our wonderful team of women working behind the scenes we decided we wanted to reach even more women, by developing an app for Whole.

We receive so many messages from women all over the world sharing with us how Whole has blessed them and encouraged them. 

Helping women grow closer with Jesus is our first and most important goal—and that is happening. We started in the Fall of 2012 with about 1,500 visitors a month to a readership that, last year alone grew to over 118,000 visitors a month with women who have reconciled and restored broken friendships, and marriages, and even their personal relationship with Christ, because of something they read that tugged at their hearts.

How has Whole Magazine blessed you?

Has Whole blessed you? Today, you can help make sure that it will not only continue bless other women, but reach even more broken women with your financial support. Your pledge of $25  will pay go towards developing an official Whole Magazine App that will be offered FREE to the public on iTunes and Google Playstore. 

We have an wonderful Editing and Social Media Team, and hundreds of writers that have shared their stories. And no one gets paid. This is all volunteer work and each woman pours out her heart everyday.

There is so much that goes into running Whole. Editing, editing, and more editing, publishing, formatting, responding to writers and ministry partners, searching for photos, social media marketing, helping current writers become even better writers through our Writer's support group, and much more. What goes on behind the scenes can become chaotic and has had me on my knees in prayer, and in tears of frustration—at times ready to walk away from it all.

But then I think of every single one you. The women that read a post and impacts their lives, or the writer who submits a post sharing her testimony for the very first time. More importantly, I remember that God called me to this place.

So, today we are asking for your pledge of $25.00. All donations will go towards the development of our App. If something--anything-- you read on Whole resonated with your heart, blessed you, impacted your life somehow, would you prayerfully consider supporting us in this wonderful project?

Why $25.00?

Our goal is to reach $1000 to cover the app development costs, and we can meet that goal if we can get 40 women to donate $25 we will reach our goal and begin, however any amount will help us. After the development of the app we will be charged a monthly hosting fee so if you feel led to contribute monthly you may do so also.

If you are ready to donate you may click the donate button below.

More importantly, please join us in prayer as God continues to lead us in our new journey.

Your sister,
Carmen Miller
Founder of Whole Magazine