Keep Your Pastor off the Pedestal

We all have our favorite teachers and preachers. Whether they be men of old, or those who walk in our present time, there are men of God who we highly respect and are truly grateful for. In an age where the word of God is abused and shredded up to fit one’s own sinful agenda, men who stand by biblical truth without compromise are rare finds.  

Spiritually co-dependent on a fallible man. 

Earthly shepherds are chosen by Chief Shepherd as ministers of the mysteries of God. (1 Corinthians 4:1) They have been placed in our lives to watch over our souls, and to preach the Word of the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. Where many err when it comes to esteeming their Pastors is the esteem turns into idolatry.  Many depend on their Pastors for the full sustenance of their spiritual walk. For lack of better term, they have become spiritually co-dependent on their Pastor and hold him as the standard of truth. This was never meant to be. If it is, we are in danger of putting a man on a pedestal he was never meant to be on. 

I belonged to a church where the Pastor stepped away or down from his role over the church. Many of those professed to follow Christ walked away from the church, and even worse, the faith. Why is this? One can conclude from the perspective that their foundation was not based in Christ, but in their leader. This can never be.    

Where is your foundation? 

The challenge I would present you, as well as myself, is to make sure you are grounded in the truth of the Bible and your foundation is Christ. Christ is the solid Rock. Your Pastor is not. The man that stands before you and your congregation each Sunday, hopefully faithfully proclaiming the Word of the Lord is to help build on top of that foundation. He is not the foundation himself. That is a task he was never meant to take.  His preaching to you should be supplemental. His declaring the word should be for growth and teaching based on something that has already been set.  

You are to take all and everything your Pastor says to the Word and faithfully in prayer. False teachers have been able to take advantage of those who have no foundation in truth, and are tossed with every doctrine and decree, without testing them against Scripture. (Ephesians 4:11-14) Your Pastor, if he is a man truly called by God, will not want to be on a pedestal.  A preacher will reflect a heart like the Apostle Paul. He understood his purpose was to be man selected by God to preach the Gospel but was careful not to esteem himself above the title of being God’s fellow worker in the labor of the kingdom. (1 Corinthians 3:9). 

Take your Pastor off the pedestal and into prayer. 

Pray for your Pastors, ladies. Pray that the Lord would guide and direct these men to lead His people faithfully. Pray for grace. Pray for wisdom. Pray for guidance. Pray for protection from the enemy, the world, and even themselves. They need it; desperately. Let us admonish them, but be careful to direct praise and glory to the One to they and we serve, and to Him only; Our Merciful God in the Lord Jesus Christ.