No Flaw In You

I live in a small town in Maryland that just recently, was covered in nearly thirty inches of snow over the weekend. The snow was well anticipated after a longer than usual absence of snow this winter. The storm hit early afternoon Friday and by the next morning we already had nearly twenty inches of snow blanketing the ground. I went outside to help my father shovel and while the storm was so chaotic, there was something so peaceful about it. As I was shoveling piles upon piles of snow off our deck, I thought about how each and every snowflake was different. Each one that fell onto the ground that was special. No snowflake is the same, I thought. As cliche as it sounds, it reminded me of just how different and special we are as His children. 

When I went back inside and cleaned up, I checked Facebook and a beautiful sister in Christ of mine posted the exact same thought on her timeline. Just like each snowflake, each and every human being on this planet is made different, unique, and separate from everyone else. No person is the same. I know - cliche, right? But the meaning of it all is so profound! It is something that will never run out of power and influence. You are like a snowflake: beautiful, special, distinct, and apart from every other. 

Then I began to think about how collectively, each unique snowflake makes up an exquisite piece of scenery that is the aftermath of a snow shower or storm. Just like the snowflakes, our diversity as children of Jesus make up His one body (in this case, the piece of scenery). (1 Corinthians 12:12)

I was absolutely astonished and knew that it was something the Lord wanted me to study and really look into thoroughly; the chapter that immediately resonated with me was Psalm 139. And I stumbled upon that beloved verse that says we are each fearfully and wonderfully made. Wow. 

First, I want to provide you the definitions of both words fearfully and wonderfully. In the original Hebrew text of the Bible this is what they mean:

fearfully: with great reverence, heart-felt interest, with respect.
wonderfully: admirable, very good, splendid.

Struggling with a low self esteem? Feeling discouraged by what others think of you? Do you ever ask God: why am I here? Why me? What is my worth? 

Well, I strongly encourage you to get alone with God and read Psalm 139. Read about how He intricately made you and created you specifically to serve Him. Lets put it this way: when God created you, it was with heart-felt interest and respect. It was with great reverence. It was admirable, very good, and splendid. He did not just throw you together simply because the earth needed one more human. He created you for something more, something greater, and in His beautiful image. (Genesis 1:27) 

Friends, this message is one that is very easy for us to brush off, sweep to the side, and store in the file cabinet for later. But it is important for us to realize just how deeply it means and how it truly applies to our lives. The same One who created the universe and all thats in it “knitted you in your mothers womb” and thinks precious thoughts of you that “outnumber the grains of sand.” (v. 14 + 17-18) 

Here is what we need to understand: we spend so much of our time pondering the beauty of the sunset outside, the beautiful animals that roam our backyards, even the people we surround ourselves with YET we struggle to see the beauty within ourselves. Weird, isn’t it? If we can so easily proclaim the beauty in a sunset or person, why can’t we do it with ourselves? Strange.

It is because we are imperfectly perfect. (say that five times fast!) The cross has made us undeniably flawless. The enemy wants you to believe that you aren’t beautiful, you mean nothing, and have no value. But that is not what Scripture says. Jesus says that He has made everything beautiful in its time (Ecclesiastes 3:11)…and that includes you. 
God made you exactly the way He wanted you to be; don’t forget this. There is no other you in the world - that is just proof that you are way too good to be a “coincidence” or “accident.” I’m sorry but I have a difficult time trying to wrap my mind around all of this! God Almighty is interested in you. He wants you, pursues you, and longs to be close to your heart. (Isaiah 40:11) He desires you so much that He came down in the flesh, took on your sin, and died so you could fall in love with Him. If that doesn’t scream “you mean something!” I don’t know what does. Obviously, our works have nothing to do with our selection but… He did choose you, right? 

The next time you seriously question your existence, who you are, and what your purpose is remember your Creator. Remember that He chose to take His precious time to make you. YOU! A marvelous, imperfectly perfect child of God. One who is set apart from every person in the world. 

I pray that God will help you to hold onto this glorious truth and continue to blossom into the “fearfully and wonderfully made” woman (or man) that God created you to be.

We are like a snowflake, all different in our own beautiful way. 

Rest in His presence and listen to Him say, “[Your Name], you are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.” (Song of Solomon 4:7)