How To Reconcile A Relationship

Have you ever had a relationship become broken, but later was able to reconcile?
Several weeks ago I bumped into an old friend at a funeral.  We had not spoken to each other in about two and a half years.  Even though we were both friends of the family who had recently experienced the loss of a loved one, it was a complete surprise to run into one another.  After sharing pleasantries, he expressed the desire to get together.  Within the next week he emailed back and then we set up a time to meet for coffee.
We had been friends for about ten years when something difficult happened.  We found ourselves on the opposite sides of an issue.  Looking back, we could have very easily maintained a relationship despite this new disagreement, but we did not.  We let things happen in such a way that feelings were hurt and we went separate ways.
I was uncertain before we met.  Would he rehash the past?  Would I be told that I was wrong?
As we sat down over coffee he began by explaining that he cared about me and that he was sorry for any hurt that he had caused me.  There were no accusations or conflict.  We were able to forgive one another.
I wanted to share this because it is what happens in our relationship with God.  We had this great relationship going with him.  Then we did some stuff that  messed it all up.
Even though the conflict was totally our fault, God took the initiative.  He made reconciliation happen.  It wasn’t cheap, but he decided that we were worth it.  And now we are friends again.  The relationship that was broken has been restored.
If we are to be just as our father is, then we should be actively engaged in trying to reconcile broken relationships.  We should take the initiative and contact the person we have been estranged from.  We also need to avoid negative divisive language.  Most importantly we need to forgive.
Is there someone in your life that you could call and get together over coffee and discuss reconciliation?
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