Music Artist of The Month: Laughing Out Loud with Natalie Villa

By Carmen Miller

What started as my usual random search of female Christian singers, I came across this bubbly, beautiful chica. Her name is Natalie Villa. And WHOLE's first Music Artist of The Month.

Natalie recently debuted her single "LOL." A catchy melodic song reminding us all that, when life throws us a lemon. . . LAUGH OUT LOUD! Contrary to what people believe, Christians do not have a perfect life. We also will find ourselves going through trials, but when we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, remaining faithful & joyful even in our darkest hours—He promises us a eternal future of hope. 

And that's what Natalie wants her fans to know. "On this journey of life there will be hard times and happy times, but through it all there is one thing that will never change, the love of Jesus. This song “LOL” depicts the joy one can have while trusting in God no matter what the circumstance." - Natalie

Read further to see what Natalie had to say to WHOLE.

     W: We love your new song “LOL!” What is the meaning behind the title?

N: Thank you so much! “LOL” means to “laugh out loud” and that is the whole meaning behind the song, the joy of the Lord! When the song was written, I was dealing with some crazy issues and finally just said, “God even with all of this craziness in my life, you really got me LOL!!!” While writing it I was finding the joy of the Lord in my everyday life. Whether I was going to the doctor, stressed at work in my cubicle or even cleaning my house, and that is what I hope happens for every person that listens to this song. Happiness is temporary, but true joy no one can take away from you, and that’s the meaning behind “LOL”.

W: As a child you struggled with fear and anxiety. What happened that made you realize Christ had finally freed you from this stronghold in your life?

 The moment I realized God had set me free from fear and anxiety is when I was able to stay at home alone by myself all night! I used to be so afraid of everything that I could not be home alone. God gave me this revelation of Him being my protector. That He will always be with me, and will take care of me. Psalms 121 totally set me free for real! It talks about where does my help come from? The mountains? The hills? No it comes from God alone who is my Guardian, who never sleeps, always watches me, and will always protect me. It was then I started to really learn what it means to trust the Lord and it was revolutionary. Breaking free from fear and anxiety has been a process my whole life. Sometimes I still have to do things afraid, but this passage of God’s word has really helped me live a life of freedom. You need to check it out!

W: We are excited to see more and more Christian Pop music emerging. What is it like being a Christian artist in a secular world?

N: It’s so exciting and honestly freeing because I can be me and not have to be what society says I have to be. It also gives me hope that I might be able to bring change in this world, even through something as easy as music! I really believe the most powerful, universal tool the Church has is music and even a song as simple as “LOL” can penetrate the darkness of this world.


W: What do you want to tell our readers who are going through hard times and have lost that joy they once had for Christ?

N:Praise and thankfulness is the key, my friends! The scripture Isaiah 61 tells us to put on garments of praise for a spirit of heaviness and it’s so true! Where praise exists, heaviness cannot! You will be shocked at the joy that floods in you when you start praising and thanking God. His joy is contagious and when you get into His presence, it’s impossible not to receive it. The results of a thankful heart will literally change you. Even if your circumstances look bad sometimes you just have to remember, God is good because He is God! And He is good all the time, no matter what life looks like. When you focus on His goodness despite what’s going on or how you are feeling, it will really help change your perspective and joy will come, I promise.


W: WHOLE Magazine exists to encourage women and young girls in finding wholeness in their brokenness. Have you ever experienced a season of brokenness?

N: Well first of all, I think the mission of WHOLE Magazine is amazing! Second, yes I have totally experienced seasons of brokenness, I think that’s just a part of life. What’s really funny is that my song “LOL” came from probably one of the darkest seasons of my life. It was like a walking contradiction to how I was feeling when I was writing it. I had been battling through some major health and some relational issues and it left me feeling afraid, anxious and discouraged. Everyday was a fight. One day I would be feeling encouraged and the next day really discouraged. But honestly, what brought me through that season was the Bible! The word of God is so powerful. It will meet you wherever you are at and change your whole life because it will change you! That’s what it did for me. My circumstances did not necessarily change, but I began to believe the scriptures I was reading, and believe that God is good and declare them. One day at a time, I could feel a change in me. God really taught me during this season of feeling broken that He is the Great Shepherd and yep, I am the Sheep. I have learned that He is totally trustworthy and dependable no matter the circumstance. One last thought-- you are not your brokenness. Your brokenness doesn't define you. The only thing that truly defines us is that we are children of God and that He loves you. Oh yeah!!!

W: What is your favorite scripture, or a verse that you memorize and live by?

 For sure my life scripture and favorite verse that I constantly live by is 2 Timothy 1:7! I seriously could not live on this planet with out knowing that God was given me power, love and a sound mind… and not fear! It’s literally fundamental to my existence… lol.

W: Who are some of your favorite artists you listen to?

 I LOVE Beckah Shae, V.Rose, Kari Jobe, all of the RMG artists- Derek Minor, Kanon, Tony Tillman, Chad Jones… I am always listening to these artists on my iPhone or car.

W: Is there anything on your heart you would like to share with our readers?

N: Never, EVER give up! I heard someone once say, “The pain of giving up far outweighs the pain of persevering.” No matter where you are at today or what has happened in your life, you have a beautiful destiny. God knows you. He knows what you’re going through and He STILL loves you! He has an amazing plan for you. Remember you can walk through anything because He is with you and you can do all things through Him because He is the one that strengthens you! Xoxo

“This is truly one of my life desires, to see generations encounter the presence of the Lord through all genres of music. I really believe that there is nothing greater than worshiping the Lord through all forms of creative expressions.” - Natalie

Check out the official music video "LOL" below.

Visit Natalie's website to learn more and receive your free download of "LOL." Connect with her on Facebook and on Twitter @msnatalievilla.