Being Groomed For Your Purpose

Growing up from a young age, we all had thoughts of what we wanted to be as an adult. Some of us wanted to be teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, business owners, etc.

Every adult would ask you the question. “What you would like to be when you grow up?”

And of course we would say one of the careers stated above, and there was nothing wrong with that.

I am willing to bet, some of us are not living out those careers, or living out our divine purpose. Sometimes we go through life; completing high school then off to college. Graduate, and maybe a Grad school after that. Sometimes we do all of these things under the impression that we will land that awesome job or career that we so dreamed of at a young age. This is not to say, this should not be every young person’s goal. But when it has not happened for you, and education has been top priority on your list; you didn’t land that awesome job, or not flourishing in that career you so desired to be in—the question to some is:

“Now what?”

“What do I do with all this education I have?”

“Why can’t I find a job I am happy at?”

You see, I have been at this place in my life. I have completed high school, and graduated from college with an Associate of Arts degree. Growing up, I never thought about or even knew what I was going to do with my life. I just knew it was going to be something big!!!

Reading through the Book of Esther has given me great enlightenment over the years. Esther was a young woman that was taken from her village along with other young virgin women. This happened because the King summoned his leaders to find him a new Queen. Esther and the other women were brought back to the King’s palace. For one year, Esther was being groomed for the King to take on the role as his Queen.

Throughout this time Esther did not realize what was happening. She did, however, know that it was something major. So she remained obedient and followed the instructions that given to her. Esther had visits with the King throughout the entire year and was not the only one to visit him. There were other women but, she was the only one that stood out to him. Something about her that was different, something that made her unique.

After a year had past it was time for the King to choose his Queen, and he chose Esther. She was well pleased, of course, for after a year of getting to know the King she had developed feelings for him. They married and she became Queen Esther. I know this may sound like a love story, and it is, but there is more to this…so stick with me.

Esther had a cousin that had known she was going through this grooming process for a year. He stood with her and kept encouraging her to be all she could be as a Queen. After Esther became Queen, a situation arose. Her cousin informed her that the King's right hand man was going to have some people killed in her village and to notify the King of this situation. She found a way to talk to the King for 3 days. As, this occurred she asked her cousin to request the people in the village to fast, pray, and seek God’s face during the 3 days. Queen Esther also did the same thing, fasting, praying, and seeking God’s face.

You see, Esther, had a purpose that was set in motion by God before she became Queen. Her purpose was to pray and intercede on behalf of her people. That was God’s assignment for Esther all along. She just had to go through the process of being groomed as a Queen to finally step into her purpose.

I have gone through some bumps and bruises in my life time heading toward my destiny and purpose. Not, sure what all is going to unfold in my life, but, I do know it will all be good. God will produce Greatness out of me. So, you may not see it, or even imagine what God has set you apart for. But, I encourage each and every one of you—whatever trials, test, situations that are tight for you right now. You are just going through a grooming process for your destiny and purpose. Allow God to guide and instruct you, on how to connect with your purpose and destiny. Because, we all have one…

by Shal-Mar Hill