Fashion + Compassion | Hiip: Helping Individuals in Passing

Guest Post by Allie Marie Smith 

NOTE FROM THE EDITORS: This article was originally published at Know Your Value, for theFashion + Compassion Series. We thought our WHOLE readers would enjoy Allie's series as well. You can read the full article here or there

I’m so exited to introduce you to my dear friend Nicole Flowers and feature her brand new line of cute bags, called Hiip, which give back. Nicole and I met at Pepperdine (which is where Wonderfully Made originally started!) and she is one of the most dynamic, hilarious and inspiring girls I know.

Hiip, which stands for “helping individuals in passing,” is a line of hip bags that give back to the community. Hiip bags are kind of like sexy fanny packs, but they can be worn five different ways, and for each bag sold, Nicole and her team give a hip kit (think of it as a survival bag of sorts) to a homeless person in need.

The Hiip Story Nicole had an idea to produce a new and improved hip bag, instead of a purse that women would proudly wear around—not only because it would be stylish and redefined but because it gave back. “I started hiip with the local community in mind because they are so often overlooked by passers-by…” says Nicole.

Compassion: How it Helps

For every hiip bag you purchase, a hiip kit is hand-given to a person in need on the streets. Each kit is loaded with shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, socks, lip balm, and sunscreen. Learn more about the heart behind hiip here.

Fashion: Why They’re Hot The bags are pretty fashion-forward and can be worn five way: As a hip bag (hands and shoulders free!), messenger bag style, over the shoulder, as a hand-held purse, or as a clutch if you take the strap out. The bags come in multiple styles: solid canvas, striped canvas, faux leather, patterned, and soon to come sparkle and waterproof canvas (for gals on the go!)

Get Involved...

Buy a bag! I just purchased the Sunset bag in Army Canvas and can’t wait to take it on my trip to Israel and Egypt – it will be perfect for traveling. And I might have to get the upcoming waterproof one for my stand-up-paddling adventures!

Help with a Hiip Handout. If you live in San Francisco, you can sign up to be involved in a hiipHandout and meet other community-minded folks to help pass them out. Email to get involved. Hiip has big dreams and hopes to expand their efforts to more cities in the future.

Spread the word! Like hiip’s facebook pagepin their bags and tell your friends!

A self-described "ragamuffin girl," Allie Marie Smith serves as the Founder and Executive Director of Wonderfully Made. She is a speaker and an award-winning author, having co-authored both books in the Wonderfully Made series: Healthy Eating and Abundant Living andBecoming Who You Are in Christ. She is also the developer of the Body Beautiful iPhone app for true beauty and confidence. Allie is open and honest about her encounter with severe depression—a testimony of God's faithfulness and redemption. She lives near Santa Barbara with her husband Paul where they enjoy surfing up and down the California coast. You can follow her on Twitter at@alliemariesmith.