Not Yet

By Amanda Casanova

I was a single and discouraged woman, and I was mad about it.

There’s a lot out there that tells single women to wait and to be content with being single, and for me, that was hard to hear.

My heart craved companionship, and I was disappointed at the men around me. I wanted the guy who slayed dragons to get to me, and I prayed God would send me one.
And he said no.

I realized I was trying to push my best plans on the Lord— even though my best plans were woefully wrong compared to God’s plans.

A few months ago, I married my college sweetheart, and I could not have dreamed up a more wonderful man for me, but I had to wait. I didn’t meet my husband until my junior year of college. It was a large university, but we’ve wondered how many times we passed each other on campus before we finally met, how many times God smiled down on us and said, “Not yet.”

Be encouraged in “not yet.” It means God is moving in you and in the man he’s designed to love you. Pray for a man that’s pursuing the Lord, not the man you’ve dreamed up in your head, but also, pray for yourself, that God is molding you into the wife he needs you to be.

Don’t miss this part of the wait. Don’t decide to sulk at the “options” around you.

Because maybe you need to learn to be single.

Maybe you need to learn to value your worth.

Maybe Mr. Right isn’t ready to meet you.

But he will be, and it’s so worth the wait, ladies.

I say that with gratefulness because I’m still awed by my God who is so good he’s letting me experience marriage and love.

I needed “not yet” to remind me to seek the Lord first and I needed “no” to teach me joy within myself.

Our God isn’t a God of settling and second best. He has orchestrated a world for you to grow and to glorify him. Don’t reduce him to just a God who gives husbands because he is a God bigger than marriages and bigger than our plans.