A Blue Christmas: Holiday Attire for Day & Evening

By Fadia Patterson

Tis the season for Joy, Peace, Love and vamping your holiday style! As we begin a new season and New Year with gatherings at the office, church and the Christmas ball. I gathered some of my favorite pieces to show that you can shop on a budget and still bring in the New Year with style. Curvy Ladies –take notes! I found some great deals on these pieces that you can generally wear all year round.  You don’t have to stick to the seasonal colors of Red, Green, White, Silver and Gold.

Many of you may have to attend Holiday parties while you are at work. So, I thought of a style that was inspired by Jackie-O or Michelle Obama.

A long Jessica Mclintock, dressy overcoat shown below from Ross Dress For Less ($12.99) over a royal blue sleeveless dress from Dillard’s ($36.00) is appropriate for the day and evening. The accessories are all from Ross: Bracelet ($10.00) and Liz Claiborne Leather Crocodile Purse ($24.00) are both a steal. The Boots are by Steve Madden.

Cocktail Attire from Macy’s ($50.00). This royal blue dress is appropriate for any occasion and is great for a quick change between the office and a late afternoon cocktail party. The purse is from target ($16.99).

And finally, I love the holiday season for all of the fun events and opportunities to wear formal wear. I found this dress deeply discounted on clearance for $109.00. It was initially $358.00. Great Deal Huh? I found it at the White Room Too in East Nashville.

Hope You all are having a safe and happy holiday season! Remember that the true reason for the season is JESUS and above all of your style and holiday attire, your best accessory is your SMILE! Be true to You (BU!) most importantly and show the world that you are Beautifully Blessed by the one True God!