Christmas with Natalie Villa

By Carmen Miller

"The best present we've ever had. Your gift will always last. No wrapping paper, came in a manger. . . You're the perfect gift." -Natalie Villa "The Perfect Gift"

It's that time of year again. The crunching of the snow, the hustle and bustle of all the Christmas shoppers as they rush through the shopping malls to snag, yet, another gift to mark off their list.

But let us not forget that the pretty icicle lights, and frosty the snowman are only, but a decorative piece to this festive holiday season.

The reason. . . JESUS CHRIST!

As we tear away at our gifts on Christmas morning, let us not do so before thanking God for His Son. The perfect Gift.

I am so excited to feature Natalie Villa here on WHOLE, again. She is not only a great artist, but a dear friend of mine and her gift of song is incredible.

This past fall we featured her in our WHOLE Spotlight section as our first interview of our launch month. In case you missed it, you can check it out here.

This month Natalie comes back to visit and share with us her new Christmas single, "The Perfect Gift."  We asked Natalie, "What message of Christmas did she want to share with her fans and our readers, as they rush through the aisles this holiday season searching for "the perfect gift" for their loved ones?"

Natalie: "Merry Christmas, guys! Well, as we are all in search for the "Perfect Gift" this season, I hope everyone will pause to remember that Christmas is a time for miracles. I think we so easily forget, and I have been guilty of this too; that the Christmas story we celebrate every year is full of life-changing, God-encountering miracles! Starting with John the Baptist being born to a barren woman, Angels being messengers, a virgin birth, our Savior coming to Earth, and so much more. That is the kind of God we serve! There are so many ways I believe God wants to speak to our hearts this season if we will slow down and let him. I think He wants to give us the "present" of His "presence" because He truly is the one and only "Perfect Gift". Have fun celebrating the miracle of Jesus, our Savior and cherish your loved ones. Love you all and hope you enjoy my music video and song "The Perfect Gift."

Enjoy Natalie's new video. Just a warning: I tear up every time I watch it! Between The message and her beautiful, angelic voice I can't help, but cry as I think of Jesus Christ and what His birth means for us. 

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights. -James 1:17

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