Give Love

By Brittany Chaunte'

This season is so cliché in that we tend to teach our children to make lists and behave in order to get presents for Christmas. I’m super guilty as well. This year I’ve been inspired to do things differently. So many people are extremely unfortunate and we do not even pay attention to it. I began to change my mind about a lot of things, including the values I instill in my child. This year for Christmas, we are giving back.

            I simply looked online for ideas and there are a plethora of them. There are small things and major things that make an impact in people’s lives. The thing about including our children is that we shift the meaning of this season. We received the greatest gift when Christ gave His life and now we have the option to allow others to receive God’s love. From donating money to donating time, taking a true interest in sharing love gives us an opportunity to show people how God has been to us. And this is a double bonus because not only do we give God’s love to others but we also exhibit this for our children. This is an awesome way to train up our children to treat other people.

In every city and town there are opportunities to make a difference. Here are a few examples:

  • Volunteer: Go out into your community and do something special for the people in it. Go to the local hospital or soup kitchen and get face to face with others.

  • Make a meal/bake together: Cooking with your children gives you a chance to spend time with them. Taking that meal to someone in your neighborhood or in your church shows him or her the way to share His love.

  • Have your child choose toys/books from their collection: This is my favorite. Our local Children’s Hospital always requests new material for their waiting/patient rooms. My daughter has a LOT of things that she can give away. Having your child choose allows them to be active in this process and they get a sense of pride in being able to make a difference.

  • Break the Piggy Bank- Help your child count the money in their piggy bank and donate it to a local charity.

These are just a few examples. But be creative and find many ways to share God’s love with others. Just receiving the love of God makes a major difference in the lives of people.