Silent Night

This is one of the best times of the year! It’s the season for harvest, sharing, and celebration. However, while we are in the season of receiving and releasing, we mustn't forget our silent nights with God. Every time we get a fresh idea, great news, or a Word from God we’re so eager to tell the world, or maybe our closest friends. However, every great piece of news should not be shared with everyone in your path, including your closest confidants.

Although you get the urge to share, all responses may not be beneficial. As a result, distractions and doubt can surface to slow down, or possibly stop your progression. You need time to digest your news, idea, or Word from God without any outside influences. Outside influences can push you towards greatness or hinder your progression. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to determine which at first.

As exciting as it is to have someone on your team who supports your ideas, you must be careful about the advice you receive. Some people will mean well and tell you anything you want to hear. They actually want to see you happy, so they will tell you “yes” to every idea you dish out. However, just because you think it is something you want to do, it might not be beneficial at the time. Outsiders will try to push you towards the next step, without fully understanding the timing, or necessary details. God may not have given you the “go ahead”; he just placed it in your heart until further notice. You may move out of position by listening to others encouraging you to make the next move. Moving out of position will either leave you stagnant or push you further away from your goals. For every person who gives you the answer you want to hear, there will be many more giving you the answer you dread the most, “NO!”

Hearing the word, “no”, when you hoped to receive a “yes” is often disheartening. It is even worse if the person who doesn’t agree with your plan is someone whose opinion you truly respect. “No” could hinder you from moving forward because you want to appease your family, friends, and associates. Unfortunately, they may tell you your ideas aren’t great because they are envious or fearful of your growth. They could be envious and hoping they received whatever you envisioned; they could be fearful because you are doing something out of the ordinary; or they may simply want you to fail. Whatever the reason they say no, you can’t base your decision on their opinions. If God gave you the “go ahead”, then obedience to Him should be your next step.

Some may think “well, I know so-and-so speaks to God, but they told me not to do it.” God doesn’t release everything to everyone in your life. God might not have released the vision to the person you believe has the wisdom to give sound advice. However, they should tell you to pray, so they aren’t releasing fleshly opinions. They should also pray with and for you to receive the best answer from God.

Job 12:13, “But true wisdom and power are found in God, counsel and understanding are his.”

Colossians 3: 16, “Let the message about Christ in all its richness, fill your lives. Teach and counsel each other with the wisdom He gives. Sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs to God with thankful hearts.”

God knows who to trust with the information. He doesn’t want you to get notified prematurely and He doesn’t want the person He told to release it, to withhold anything. He wants you to trust in His abilities to work everything out according to His plans. When the time comes, He will send the right people to give you understanding and confirm what he has already told you. When He gives you confirmation, you’ll know it’s from him, as oppose to someone who has carnal knowledge of what you are hoping for.

Daniel 2:30, “And it is not because I am wiser than anyone else that I know your dream, but because God wants you to understand what was in your heart.”