The Naked Truth

By Myla Rayford

Many of us struggle with our way of dressing, and many wonder what is truly acceptable to God. We also struggle with being comfortable in our own skin. I like to take pride in my appearance and I often see nice young ladies who may fail to realize that they are a child of a King, and we should present ourselves as such. But as we all know, society would lead you to believe it is about being scantily clad and showing off your body! There is nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself and expressing that in your way of dress; however, when is it too much or too revealing? What kind of image are you portraying to your future Adam? What are people thinking of you?

Now, it is understood that we should not care about what people think, but at the same time, there is a certain way you should carry yourself in the presence of the Lord and in our daily lives. God loves us and you should take the time to respect yourself and not use your body as fuel to gain any unwanted attention.

Question you may ask, “well, what is appropriate dress?” Honestly it is something that you need to determine for yourself. I’m not going to tell you that you need to be covered from your neck to your ankles; wear a big toga and God is going to love you even more. God loves you just as you are and he is making you in his like image. So don’t worry.

Luke 12:23

“For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing”

Life is way more than what you wear day to day, but it represents who’s you are. I was coming home from class the other day and I saw something that just downright disturbed my soul. I saw this young lady in 50 degree weather in some sequin booty shorts and a very revealing top. She was thicker in the legs and her bottom was out of her shorts. LADIES, I’m telling you that you do not have to dress like this to attract a man or attention. Just being from man’s rib will attract enough attention! There are ways to dress to please God while being sexy and confident.

I will say that I have never really dressed extremely provocative. Yes, I have pushed boundaries and with certain things, I still do. However, you will not catch me in the extreme cold or in the hot, hot, hot summer, (because here in Sacramento it can get up to 108 degrees) wearing shorts or skirts that are so short that you can see my genitalia. This is what I see from time to time and it makes my heart sink. If a man truly cares for you, he will like and love you for you – not for keeping up with the latest labels or wearing revealing clothes. Let’s face it, men will be men, they will look, but they will be thinking of you in the wrong way at first.

There are plenty of cute and fashionable styles, so you can get rid of the cloak and uncomfortable clothing. Here is a list of my favorite must haves that are cute and classy:

Tights – always in style and can make any outfit trendy.

Pencil Skirt – may be a little past the knee and is slightly form fitting.

 Camisole – the best tanks ever and can be worn under any and everything!

Cardigan – a cute sweater that can accessorize any outfit.

These are all of my must have items! I love them and wear them often! This is the naked truth: you have to be comfortable in your own skin first and foremost. If you don’t love what you are wearing, then you won’t be confident! The key is to be confident in anything you wear.  Have fun creating your own style!

Remember, you are special! Your style should define you, make you happy, and of course, please God!