A New Word

I love the Lord, I really do. I love His Word, guidance, consistency, and correction. I am in awe at how he moves in my life and the people he sends to minister to me. However, sometimes the words spoken by others have no affect on me. I pray to receive their words, but there is a blockage and I’m not moved or compelled to want to listen to another word from them. I get tired of the same messages I’ve heard before. They worked in the past, but for whatever reason it doesn’t seem as though those words are working for me right now. I need something else a little stronger; I need a new word!

I know what you are saying; all Word is good for building up and teaching. I believe it; those are God’s words. Its not that I don’t believe what he is saying, but at times it seems as though a change isn’t coming; it seems like those words were only meant for the last situation. This new problem is different. This new problem is testing me a little more than the last; this new problem is just too much. Nothing seems to be working. Not quiet time, not journaling, not prayer, not the words of others. I am just not getting the breakthrough people keep telling me is on the way! So, what is a girl to do?

Be still, Trust and Praise God!


Be still says the Lord, because I am God. I have created everything including you. I know everything you are going through and you shouldn’t be surprised to be going through because this is exactly what you asked for. When you signed up to serve God, you declared that you would allow God to move on your behalf, even when things seem to be tumbling down. You told God you trusted Him in every circumstance. That means that when the sun is shining and when the hurricane comes to rip everything from under you, you believe that he will bring you out of the storm alive. You signed up to say that even though you are going on 35 and not married, he is preparing you and your mate to serve him at the appointed time. You signed up to say that even though you lost someone close to you, you are not alone in this world.


Trusting in God means that you will wait on Him. You say this time the problems are worse than the other, well the testimony and the reward will be far greater as well. You cannot expect to grow in God if you are not willing to allow him to stretch you. God knows your breaking point because he created you, so he knows what will destroy you. He knows the road he wants you to travel and understands that every person you are appointed to will need this particular testimony from you, in order to save them. Trust that he will not forsake you regardless of how much it hurts or frustrates you. God is faithful and his words never return void.

Think of Job. God told Satan he could do anything to him, except kill him. He allowed Job to go through because He knew Job wouldn’t change the way he felt about Him. Regardless of the loss of family, friends, and fortune, Job refused curse God.

Job 1: 12, “Alright, you may test him,” the Lord said to Satan. “Do whatever you want with everything he possesses, but don’t harm him physically…”

God trusted Job with the walk he gave him. He trusted Job to stand firm on the Word. He trusted Job to face every sort of loss during those times. He trusted Job with the process that he assigned to him. Job knew there was no power, person, or principality that could go against God and survive. He realized he was in this and he was on the right side of the battle. Job stayed the course and everything he ever lost was restored; God trusts that you will stay the course as well; otherwise, he would not have given you the assignment.

Job 1: 21, “I came naked from my mother’s womb, and I will be naked when I leave. The Lord gave me what I had, and the Lord has taken it away. Praise the name of the Lord!”


During this season, it is the best time to praise God. Praise opens up the doors for blessings and it confuses the enemy. Other people will think you are crazy or you are supposed to be wallowing in your anguish, but praise God! Prove to God that you are on His side and that you believe he is working things out.

Trials are never easy to face, but you cannot allow them to change your thoughts about God or His Word. During the rough times understand that the situations may have changed for the worse, but God’s Word never changes. Take on Job’s attitude and be still, trust and praise God because He loves you and is working things out for your good.

Godly Reminder

Psalm 119: 160, “Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of they righteous judgments endures forever.”