Disconnecting to Connect

By Nicole Wian

I took a short break from Facebook, back in November.  The decision came after a particularly frenzied week accompanied by a frenzied mind.  I had way too much going on in my brain – too much clutter and nonsense.  So, desperate, I decided to ‘unplug’, hoping to clear my head and gain a little perspective in regards to my priorities.

My brain- or, perhaps, my flesh- did rebel a bit after this initial resolution, attempting to talk me out of such ‘extreme measures’.  “Besides,” my ego reminded, “You’re in the middle of your thirty days of gratitude- posted daily”.  As if my thankfulness in life deserved the attention and applause of all my Facebook friends.  Rejecting the silliness of such a last ditch effort argument, I chose a Friday to begin my Facebook fast, if you will.  I told myself it would be a week.  It was surprisingly easy.  

When the following Friday arrived, I realized I didn’t miss Facebook and that I had no desire to return. I felt the same on Saturday and on Sunday.  Deliciously unencumbered.  Free.  Not just free of others’ drama updates and food pictures and gratitude statuses but free of my own voice—my own need to share.

I don’t recall what, on Monday brought me back but now, weeks later, I’m recalling the freedom I felt that week that I was off.  I am experiencing again, that same sense of peace.  Today, I began my day with God’s word.  How embarrassing it is to admit that it’s been far too long since I’ve been in the habit of giving my first moments to God.  God has been gently nudging me in that direction and this morning, I obeyed.  After prayer and reading this morning, I found myself picking up the Bible again this afternoon.  Then as I resumed my household duties, I suddenly realized that I was feeling peace.  My mind wasn’t racing as it usually does.  I wasn’t rushing through the dishes to get on to the next thing.  My Pandora wasn’t playing.  And I was content.  What else can I attribute this returned serenity to, but the choice to give my day to God?  

So, I write to share, to encourage, to stay away from self but also to remind myself because I, too, easily forget this simple principle.  This year, my resolution is to release my stubbornness, my neglect and unplug a little more, read a little more of God’s words and a little less of others’ words.   I know that as I do, I receive.  I receive the peace that surpasses understanding.