Beauty Food: The Power of Blueberries

By Kieya Hudson

Say “GOODBYE” to belly fat!

As summer quickly approaches, I know us ladies are looking for new diets to be ready and confident for the summer. A few months ago, I randomly had a sudden craving for blueberries. I literally ate blueberries right out of the box for almost a week straight. I noticed my waistline was getting smaller in my jeans after a few days. So I took it upon myself to research the benefits of blueberries.

Blueberries might just be the new “POWER FRUIT” in tackling belly fat.  Adding blueberries to your daily diet reduces abdominal fat. Check out this short video to see how it works:

Jennifer Warner, from WebMD Health News also found, “Researchers say the results suggest that antioxidant-rich blueberries may change how the body stores and processes glucose or sugar for energy, thereby reducing the risk of both heart disease and diabetes.”

As you can see, there are clearly a lot of benefits in just adding one thing to your diet. If you don’t prefer eating the blueberries straight from the box, try other ways to incorporate the fruit in your meals. For example, try adding them in your favorite smoothie or salad.

Let’s continue on our WHOLE journey by getting healthier!

Photo Credit: I Made That!