I am Abel

If you are not familiar with the story of Cain and Abel, here’s a summary of one of the most fascinating stories of the Old Testament. It is so exceptional because it reveals the first encounter of fighting and murder in the Bible.

Abel was the second born son of Adam and Eve and the brother of Cain. Abel was a shepherd. Cain was a farmer. The Bible does not reveal much about Abel; it is evident that he was loyal to God. When Adam and Eve fled the Garden of Eden because of their shame, they asked God how they could find favor in His eyes. God requested the sacrifice of a lamb.

When Adam and Eve made it known to their sons that God had requested this sacrifice, Abel took the demand very seriously and offered the best lamb in his herd. Cain, however, did not comprehend the significance of God’s request. Not only did Cain ignore the call of a lamb, but brought an average offering from his crops before God. God rejoiced about Abel’s offering and rejected Cain’s. Cain grew jealous of the praise God gave to Abel. Envy led to anger and anger led to the first murder mentioned in the bible. Cain let envy take over and murdered his brother Abel.

Hebrews 11:4

“It was by faith that Abel brought a more acceptable offering to God than Cain did. Abel’s offering gave evidence that he was a righteous man, and God showed his approval of his gifts. Although Abel is long dead, he still speaks to us by his example of faith. “

Abel’s obedience was based on faith. Sometimes, compliance with God’s will for your life comes with a high price. Abel’s story is admirable and will live eternally. As a living, breathing, delicate, human beings, we can say that we desire lives that will later be known for adventure, sacrifice, and lifelong legacy, but are we willing to obey God no matter what the sacrifice may be?

“God, I will follow you until things get uncomfortable.”

Are we willing to step out of our comfort zones, sacrifice the “kingdom of me” mentality, and live fully, intentional lives for our creator? Can we throw away fear and put full trust in God’s will for our lives? Are we willing to think that it is better to die while following God's laws than to fight back?

Are we willing to say, I am Abel?

by Morgan Fisher