Book Review: Draw the Circle 40 Day Prayer Challenge

By Kris Bush

So I decided to request this book. In recent times I've been prompted on numerous occasions to pray
more, pray about everything. Get consistent with prayer. And what's a better way to become consistent with prayer other than a 40-day prayer challenge?

Draw the Circle 40 Day Prayer Challenge is already changing the way I view prayer. I like how Mark Batterson pairs each daily challenge with scripture and a person's personal story of what happened when they became consistent with prayer. This is crucial, because one, you become consistent with not only praying, but also listening to God after you unload, you become more adept to hear God's voice. Once you begin to pray for what you want and ask God to give you the desires of HIS heart, you begin to pray for what HE wants and then you are on to something special. You’re on to fulfilling God’s Will and His purpose for your life. I think every Christian has a goal of knowing God for themselves and serving God; they long to hear “Well done my good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:21,23)

So this is my challenge to myself, I want to pray consistently and with purpose. I'll be honest I pray every day, multiple times a day in fact. And I'm getting to the point when I can hear God prompting me; I also want to get to the point when I can hear HIM speak through someone else. In other words, I want to develop discernment; I want to be God's true sheep, knowing HIS voice no matter who or what HE chooses to speak through.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me from the publisher (Zondervan) in exchange for my HONEST review.