Don’t Despise Your Small Beginnings

by Shal-Mar Hill

Have you ever felt like things are not going the way you would like for them to. Being at a place in life and wondering what are you doing there. Being at a job that you know is not connected to your passion. Well, these are all questions that I have asked myself millions of times. Coming to that place of crossroads in every year that pass. Sometimes I wonder why am I here. Different life situations we are put in will cause us to think. What if this situation is permanent, and I will never get out. That is not true, you can always turn a negative situation into a positive opportunity. One person in the Bible, which I love to read about, is Joseph found in the book of Genesis. Let’s look at Joseph through the different events that took place in his life and how he turned those negative situations into positive opportunities. Because of many things that he went through, he still rose to the top. 

Genesis 37 talks about Joseph, who was seventeen years old, the son of Jacob and the youngest of all his brothers. Joseph was a big dreamer and saw the big picture in a lot of things. One day Joseph had a dream and decided to share it with his brothers. Sometimes I wonder was that a mistake on his part, but not really. Once he shared the dream that all his brothers were sheaves and they bowed down to him as a sheaf. Joseph brothers’ did not like it. That wasn’t all, he shared another dream that God gave him. This time he dreamed that the moon, stars, and sun was going to bow down to him. They had enough, so his brothers plotted to kill him. But, one brother stood for Joseph and said no. 

After that the other brothers decided to throw him into a pit and sell him into slavery. After they sold him into slavery, he was sold again to an Egyptian officer named Potiphar who was an officer for King Pharaoh. 

Joseph worked under Potiphar as a lead workman in the house. Potiphar’s wife thought Joseph was a very attractive man and sought after him. Joseph kept denying her, and that did not make her happy. So, she accused Joseph of rape. He was thrown into prison for several years and became an excellent lead worker there. Joseph was released years later, and because he was a man of God. There was an excellent spirit upon him in getting things done as a leader. He eventually, became the governor overseer in his city.

In the other surrounding cities, there was a famine in the land, so people and families had to come to him for food, including his own brothers and father. Both of the dreams that God had given him in an early age was now manifesting in his later years of his life, regardless of all the obstacles he faced. 

What I am saying, is no matter where you start in life, there always will be obstacles that get in your way. Just don’t allow the obstacles to stop you from progressing in your passion and love of what you were put here on this earth to do. Who knew that I would be today writing articles to inspire people? Writing blogs, or writing spoken word poetry? God always knew. One day soon, I hope to write a book that will motivate and inspire people. I encourage you to step out on your dreams and follow them. No matter how rough things get or try to stop you, push pass the obstacle and jump over the hurdle to conquer your passion and dream. Joseph kept going until the dreams God showed him manifested.

How are you going to push pass obstacles and pursue your dreams?