Poem: An Angel of Exhortation

By La Toya Wells

An angel came to me one night I could not sleep,
Told me not to worry or hold my head down and weep.
Angel does not know how the pressures of life can sometimes be,
Told me to renew my mind and reminded that The Lord is always with me.
The angel told me that I've come too far to give up now,
And to find it in my heart to go one more round.
Through the test, you may feel like you have no friends,
But always remember that with God, you will win!
This is not the time to fret, sit and doubt,
But to give God the praise because He is bringing you out.
You must keep the faith while you're in this race,
Stay in prayer, letting The Word of God keep you at a steady pace.
And when you pass this trying test, be willing to tell your story;
All while giving God the victory, thanks and glory.