Pressing Past

I go on interviews nearly every day. I have to demonstrate to prospective sellers my ability to sell their home. It’s nerve-wrecking, exhausting, and sometimes utterly frustrating. There are those times when I walk away feeling fairly confident about an interview only to later see that home listed by another company. I always wonder…

What did I do wrong? Why didn’t they choose me?

I should wish them the best of luck in the sale of their home, but I secretly hope they spend countless days on the market and regret their decision to ever reject me. Terrible…I know, but I’m offended. My feelings are hurt. I’m low-key salty.

It’s easy to get offended especially since Jesus said, “offense is sure to come” (Luke 17:1). There are a number of reasons why we get offended—unrealistic expectations, past hurt, a competitive need to win, an inability to accept criticism or correction and the list goes on…

Whatever the reason it’s important to note that God can use offense to test and reveal what’s in our hearts. Can we demonstrate forgiveness and grace when we’re offended or do we allow it to serve as an excuse to betray or hate? Can we continue to do what’s right even when we don’t have the feelings to support our action?

God has really been hitting me over the head with this concept of pressing past.

Pressing Past…Rejection

Pressing Past…Betrayal

Pressing Past…Offense

Pressing Past…Self-Pity

Pressing Past…Troubles

Pressing Past…Discouragement

Today choose to release others from your unreasonable expectations. Exercise faith and put your trust in God. Maintain an eternal perspective and allow your spiritual muscles to be strengthened by PRESSING on, through, and beyond your feelings. Continue to do, say, and THINK what’s right even when you don’t feel like it. Even when you are offended and your feelings are hurt. Jesus said…offense will come, but how we receive it is our choice. So, the next time you are presented with an opportunity to get offended…check yourself…what is your reaction revealing about your character? What does your reaction say about the condition of your heart?

Choose to face whatever God is striving to reveal to you through this offense and ask Him to help you do better.

Written by Ashley Ivery