Private Moments with God

This season has offered me an opportunity to nurture many private disciplines.  Our private spiritual disciplines—prayer, devotional time, tithing, repentance, fasting, and worship—play a significant role in the development of our faith and our relationship with Jesus.  The unguarded moments that we spend with God provide us with the best view of who we are in Christ.

“Private Practice Proceeds Public Performance.”

The private spiritual practices that we employ fuel our ability to publicly perform in the manner that God designed us to. We must nurture our private spiritual life because God uses these disciplines to help grow our faith and confidence in Him (click to tweet).  The habits that God is seeking to develop in us right now will leverage us as we transition into new roles. 

All relationships require some degree of spontaneity, but consistency and routine help to ensure a balanced, authentic, and intimate relationship.  This dynamic is applicable to our relationship with God because it allows us to draw into a closer, more dependent relationship with Him. 

So, today recognize that our private moments with God afford Him the best opportunity to engage us personally and strengthen our faith (click to tweet).  If you’re in a spiritual “rut” or lacking faith, confidence, or trust you may have allowed your private spiritual disciplines to fall to the wayside.  Bring God out of the periphery and place Him at the forefront of your life.  Pray.  Fast. Worship. Spend unguarded time with God daily.  Allow Him to shine light on your human circumstances through His Word and watch how you receive perspective, revelation, and wisdom.  There’s a distinct correlation between our private practice and public performance. Don’t lose sight of the importance of your private spiritual life and the impact it has on your ability to do all that Christ has called you to do. Discipline yourself to spend time with God daily.

Written by Ashley Ivery