Rough Days

A Poem by LaToya Boyce Wells

When the rough days come, we must learn to be silent, listen intently for God's voice, and you may have to pray more intensely. 

It is wise to not run to others first or share what has gone awry in your life on the social media sites.

In those times, the enemy will try his best to mess with you.

Along comes the "negative committee", ready to 'co-sign' to your negativity, get you to constantly complain about the problem, or even push your buttons to get you to act out of character. 

Those things are just designed by the enemy to keep you in that negative mindset longer than you have to be.

I encourage you to seek God and pray in your rough times. 

Keep on trusting and believing that God will provide a way out in His perfect timing. 

Here is something to ponder about: Why would you want to stay in a negative place of worry or pain when you say you are a child of God?

Let's remember that God can heal us, but we have to be willing to bring our issues to Him. Never limit what God can do for you because He can do amazing things in our lives!