Taking Care of Home

It was Friday night. After a week of insane repair negotiations, a couple new contracts, and a slew of prospective seller appointments…I was tired. My Saturday promised much of the same so I was looking forward to a child-free night alone.

But, as I drove home I sensed the Spirit nudging me to hang out with my brother. We aren't afforded much one-on-one time between my kids, schedule, and our 17 year age gap. Nonetheless…I put my Friday night plans to the side and sought to find an activity for my brother and I to enjoy. After a night of Laser Tag, conversation, laughter, and exposure to his random music selection I retreated to my bedroom where God proceeded to check me.

I've been striving to impact, encourage, and inspire the “world”, but sometimes I don’t stop long enough to direct my attention to the needs right within my household or place of business. God had me meditate on a few questions…

  1. Is there anyone within your family who may be silently suffering?
  2. Is there anyone in your family who feels spiritually empty?
  3. Are you “there” for your own family?

God impressed upon me the need to pay closer attention to my family and the spiritual health of my home. God didn't call us to be shallow Christians. He’s called us to servitude. He’s called us to serve as a channel for blessings. He’s called us to pay attention, walk in love, express kindness, pray for each other, and practice forgiveness…starting at home.

“But, those who won’t care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers.” --1 Timothy 5:8 (NLT)

This often requires we release our loved ones of unreasonable expectations. Make peace with who they are, what they've done, what they've failed to do, how they've disappointed us, and how we've disappointed them. It may require we press past feelings of rejection, betrayal, offense, discouragement, and self-pity.

So, today ask God to give you eyes to see NEW ways to love and meet the needs of those within your immediate family, circle of friends, or group of co-workers. Ask God to help you discern the spiritual needs of those closest to you and show you how you can be a blessing to them. Don’t wait for them to ask. Remain proactive and seek ways to be there for those you love. Be aggressive in spirit and do what God calls you to do. Demonstrate the love you have for your family through sharing your greatest gift…your time, your undivided attention, and a willingness to meet their needs. Take Care of Home.

Written by Ashley Ivery