Book Review: Discerning The Voice of God

By Kris Bush

So how many times have you thought to yourself that you just wish you could hear from God on a situation or circumstance? I’m fairly certain; I’m not the only person that has longed for a Samuel encounter (1 Samuel 3). One in which the Lord himself is calling you to commune with you on a situation.

Now here’s a book which longs to bridge that gap by telling us ways in which we can draw ourselves near to God to hear His voice. One of the main things Priscilla Shirer points out is the fact that we cannot hear from God if we do not 1 have an active relationship with God, 2 we need to spend time learning God’s character, and 3 we need to realize the reasons why He speaks. Whenever God speaks, He has a reason why He speaks. There is something He intends to accomplish whether it is to correct us so we can walk in the correct direction or to inform us on a decision we are to make.

The main thing I have learned while studying this book…because yes it is one you will study, it comes with the questions to prompt you to study…is that we cannot hear from God if we don’t make ourselves known to God. In John 10:27, Jesus says, “my sheep hear my voice, I know them, and they follow me.” So to be the Lord’s sheep we need to take the time to learn God by spending time in the Word and spending time with Him in prayer. Then we need to hear His voice…heed His voice…and FOLLOW HIM.

I think that is where we tend to mess up. We may hear the Lord’s voice…we may receive His prompting in the Spirit and then we disobey because we don’t like what we hear, what we are told, and we do not follow as we are told. So we have to die to our flesh so that our spirit can be obedient. For the Lord says, the Spirit is will but the flesh is weak (Matthew 26:41).

As you take the time to read this book, take the time to STUDY it. Really understand what Priscilla Shirer is saying, what she is teaching, and if you really want God’s voice guiding you: OBEY and FOLLOW Him.