Expectant, Part Two

by Danielle Erwin


Before the beginning of time, God sat down and put pen to paper in what would become the book of your life.

He wrote your name.

He wrote your date and time of birth even down to the exact second.

He wrote about your family.

Your mother and how she would become the greatest female influence in your life.

Can you imagine God, your heavenly father casting the role of your earthly father? What a tender moment that must have been as the ink dried on his name.

As God continued to write your life story, He didn’t skim over any details. He didn’t write a brief summary or an abstract of who you would become and the life you would lead. He wrote chapters upon chapters and volumes upon volumes on you alone!

He wrote the exact number of hairs on your head, He scribbled your unique fingerprints in the margins, and He noted every tear you would ever cry, every smile you would ever share and every wrinkle and laugh line your face will ever carry.

As He wrote more about your life, He wrote about the gifts He placed in you. Your gifts, goals, visions, ministries…everything you can’t quite figure out yet is already figured out!

The beautiful thing about these gifts is that they are alive. They are not stagnant, they are far from dead and they are growing inside of you daily.

There is an image going around the internet that shows how an expectant mother’s body changes to make room for the life growing inside her. The image is meant to show how the body makes room for the child but the flip side of the image is how the growing child still leaves room for its mother. 

Proverbs 18:16 “A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men.”

As you make room for the gifts, talents, ministries and visions God has placed in your womb, know that your gift is making room for you. 

Once a child is born, the life of the expectant mother changes. She literally goes places she’s never been before her child was born. She goes places and does things that a mother does. Things she could not do and places she could not go without holding the title of “mother.”

When the time comes for you to birth your vision, gift, talent or ministry, the birth will usher you into a new season and grant you access and opportunity you never knew existed.

Your gift will make room for you.

But until your gift is birthed you have to create an environment for it to thrive. Know that the enemy is after the very life inside of you. Your gift.

Just like an umbilical cord connects mother and child, let the Word of God connect you and your gift.

Let scripture nourish it.

Let the breath of God sustain it.

Protect it.

Fight for it.

Love it.

Speak to it.

There is life in you. Allow God to help you birth it.